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OVS Onterio Varrio Sur (or sometimes known as Onterio Varrio Sunkist)  is a mexican american (Chicano) family from Ontario,CA.

They consists of approximately 2500+ members and two sub-cliques known as the Junior Black Angels and Black Angels. The main varrio is Sunkist St. One of the biggest, oldest and most notorious varrios in San Bernardino county. While some members may claim "Inland Empire" others members don't and simply refer themselves to just as "Onterio".

The Ontario "OVS" family is well structured and are known to have leadership influence on other gangs in the San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles county.


OVS originally began as a car club in the early 1950s and gradually splitted into two rival cliques: the Black Angels and the Earth Angels. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, a turf war occurred between the Earth Angels and the Black Angels but slowly subsided as the E.A.'s membership dwindled and membership for the OVS (Sunkist faction) grew.

During the mid 1990s (circa 1994/1995) and after the death of Mexican Mafia "EME" leader Joe "Peg Leg" Morgan, OVS (Sunkist- B.A.) member Ruben "Tupie" Hernandez assumed the leadership role of the Mexican Mafia, while housed in Pelican Bay State prison.


OVS Legend: Tupi Hernandez

Tupi Hernandez-

A reknown legend veteran of OVS (Sunkist- B.A.) Tupi joined La Eme during one of his frequent trips behind bars he made during his late teens. Tupi, along with his best friend Tito Marines led OVS in battle against other well established surrounding gangs at the time.

Tupi's devotion and eagerness to please his superiors in La Eme led him to become known as one of the most dangerous inmates in the California prison system- a designation he would prove when his buddy Marines was killed while he served an 8 year sentence for robbery. Upon his release, Tupi promptly returned to his old haunts where he chastised the younger members of OVS for failing to take care of business meaning kill a list of people he had passed down through the grapevine "prison information network" before his release. Prime on his list of people to do was Mary Lou Davila Salazar the woman he deemed responsible for Marines murder. During a series of meetings with the most promising Eme recruits from OVS, Tupi warned the youngsters to stay off of the street Salazar lived on and secured an arsenal of weapons to complete his mission of revenge. In an event which shocked the city of Ontario, Tupi entered Salazar's house on the morning of June 22,1987 and savagely beat and excecuted not only Salazar but her young roomate and her boyfriend who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Police immediately determined that Tupi was responsible and within 48 hours of the vicious episode, Tupi was lodged behind bars for what would turn into a life sentence. Convicted of the triple homicide, Hernandez received a life sentence for each of his victims. During the trial evidence of his Eme ties were introduced and it quickly became apparent that Tupi Hernandez was much more than a soldier in the scheme of things. Testimony was introduced that veteran Eme members referred to him as sir and fawned at the chance to please him. It would be years before his true status in the gang became known.

Tupi was shipped off to Pelican Bay where he became the leader of the Mexican Mafia and continues to run his faction like a well oiled machine inspite of the four life sentences which have been imposed on him. He is believed to be responsible for the recent rash of attacks against prison staff members and law enforcement officers in the Pomona and San Bernardino region.

Castrejon darryl

Reknown Legend and Founder of the OVS family and Black Angel faction

Darryl "Dashing D" Castrejon

Reknown legend and founder of the OVS family and one of the Mexican Mafia top leaders in California, Darryl Castrejonleadership and influence as an enforcer has spawned a new breed of generational top notched soldiers and new recruits for La Eme throughout California.

This silent observant untouchable leader is just one of the many members from OVS that is known to have major influences with southern california gangs thus making OVS an untouchable ally within the Sureno network.

The New Breed of Soldiers

As technology advances so does OVS. Known as one of the leading families to put in place a mandatory "no dope- physically fit" policy, these educated intellectual members are the new recruits of La Eme and tomorrow leaders of the streets.


Onterio Sur is traditionally predominantly Mexican American. They continue to recruit Hispanic males and females yet on rare occasion may recruit a caucasian. The average member joins in his or her early teenage years. There are active members as old as their sixties.


First Amendment case involving members of the OVS gang

OVS recognize as one of the main shot callers of the streets and prisons

Main members under surveillance 24/7

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